Introduction to Cheap Dab Rigs

Cheap Dab Rigs

Cheap dab rigs are specially designed for concentrates and offer a cost-effective option for enjoying your favorite oils and waxes.

Why Choose Cheap Dab Rigs?

Upgrade your smoking experience without breaking the bank by opting for one of our affordable dab rigs. Explore our wide selection and find the perfect rig for your budget.

Shopping Tips for Cheap Dab Rigs:

Invest Wisely

Choose a cheap dab rig that still offers quality construction and functionality. Our selection ensures you get the best value for your money.

Don’t Skimp on Accessories

While you’re saving on the rig itself, make sure to invest in quality nails and other accessories for the best dabbing experience.

The X Best Alternatives to Choosing a Cheap Dab Rig or Wax Rig

Green Teal Faberge egg

Experience high-quality vapor without the high price tag with this affordable yet effective Cheap dab rig.

Swiss Cheese Honeycomb Dab Rig Pink/Green

Enjoy smooth hits and flavorful vapor at a fraction of the cost with this budget-friendly Cheap Dab rig.

Essential Accessories for Cheap Dab Rigs

Cheap Dab Nail

Find affordable dab nails in titanium or quartz to pair with your cheap dab rig for efficient vaporization.

Budget Dab Torch

Get the perfect temperature for your concentrates without spending a fortune on a quality dab torch.

Types of Cheap Dab Rigs: Find Your Perfect Match

Direct Inject / Classic

Enjoy simple and straightforward dabbing with this affordable classic design.

Daisy or “Castle”

Experience budget-friendly dabbing with this versatile rig, perfect for beginners.

Angled Cut

Get a clean and comfortable dabbing experience without breaking the bank with this affordable option.


Enjoy hassle-free dabbing with this affordable and easy-to-use dab rig design.

FAQs About Cheap Dab Rigs

What Are Cheap Dab Rigs?

Cheap dab rigs offer an affordable way to enjoy concentrates without sacrificing quality. Explore our selection of budget-friendly options.

Difference Between Cheap Dab Rigs and Bongs

While both are water pipes, cheap dab rigs are specifically designed for concentrates, offering a more direct and flavorful smoking experience at a lower cost.


Upgrade your dabbing experience without overspending by choosing one of our affordable dab rigs. With quality construction and functionality at a fraction of the cost, our cheap dab rigs are the perfect choice for budget-conscious smokers.